Who I am

I am a consultant who cares.

Hi there! I am originally from Brooklyn, New York, lived in New Jersey for several years and now reside in sunny Tampa, Florida. My husband, Jared, and I have two beautiful young children. Once an avid skier, I now spend much of my at the beach, enjoying the Florida heat instead.

I have worked in the print, web and graphic design industries as an in-house professional and as a business owner. I co-founded Signify Studio with my husband, Jared, along with Online Fundraising Strategy. I've taught over 100+ college-level courses in digital marketing, web development and graphic design. In all the years I have worked in my industry, I have never lost my love of, or my enthusiasm for, brainstorming, building relationships and diving into “cooler-than-average” projects.

Interested in working together? Send me a message and let's talk.

What I do

I develop digital marketing solutions.

As someone who has always been passionate about online interactivity and the user experience, I graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Masters of Science in Communication & Media Technologies and a Bachelor of Science in New Media Publishing.

I develop websites and strategies tailored to your business or organization and deliver the type of content that your audience responds to so that you can stop wasting time creating content that gets ignored and start creating marketing campaigns that catch attention and speak directly to your community.

I take a conversion-based approach to building your digital marketing strategy. I split-test your content and campaigns, streamline your systems and leverage branding, advertising and technology so that you’re no longer spinning your wheels and can cultivate an audience that takes action.