Is a New Website Design Really Worth the Investment? – Pt. 2

Last year we gave you some food for thought on investing time and money into your company’s website. Remember value = benefits – costs?

We pointed out that focusing on the following aspects would give you an unlimited return on your investment:

  • Brand Focused User Experience Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media
  • Analytics

Although these remain vital elements to a successful business website, we now want to expand on the above and offer you a few additional easy ways to make your website worth your time and money.…

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At website launch, the work isn‘t finished; it’s only getting started

Two Reasons to Get Professional Help and All You Have to Gain From It
Designing a website is no small undertaking and the work isn’t finished after the launch; it’s only getting started. Maintaining and updating a website requires a significant amount of time, money and knowledge and many people find that it’s more cost effective to leave it all to the pros.

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Learn How to Navigate a Website Design Quote

This is What Stands Between Your Company and a Successful Website
It’s 2017 and there are now over 3.6 billion internet users worldwide, which means it’s never been more important for a company or organization to have a website. If your goal is to reach the largest part of your audience, increase sales or skyrocket membership levels, you have to meet people on their own turf, i.e., the internet.

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