Is a New Website Design Really Worth the Investment? – Pt. 2

Last year we gave you some food for thought on investing time and money into your company’s website. Remember value = benefits – costs?

We pointed out that focusing on the following aspects would give you an unlimited return on your investment:

  • Brand Focused User Experience Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media
  • Analytics

Although these remain vital elements to a successful business website, we now want to expand on the above and offer you a few additional easy ways to make your website worth your time and money.

  1. Simple Design

When it comes to website design, keeping it simple is key. Choose a few bold colors that pop, and keep the layout easy to navigate. A simple design helps to make your company message clear, plus it attracts readers, and keeps them on your page longer.

If a reader is inundated with flashy graphics and a myriad of colors, they’ll likely become overwhelmed or confused, and move on to the next search result.

  1. Valuable Content

Once you’ve attracted readers to your site, it’s important that your content keep them there.

  • Company Information – Your website should provide information on your company and what it has to offer clients or customers. Tell the company history and message; these details make you more personable and relatable to your audience.
  • Product Details – If you sell products, that should be readily apparent. Provide complete product information, as well as cost and how to purchase.
  • Contact Information – Make sure your contact information is easy to find. If people have to spend any amount of time figuring out how to get ahold of you, then they’re likely to move on.
  • FAQs – Most websites have a frequently asked questions section and for good reason. Providing answers to common questions can save your readers time and increase the likelihood of gaining new customers.
  • Blogs – Whether you write your own or share existing articles on your site, blogs are a great way to personalize your company and build rapport with your audience.
  • CTA – Maybe the most important content on your site is the CTA, or call to action. Tell your readers what you want them to do, whether it’s to sign up for emails or a newsletter, or download a free ebook, you want them clicking through your site and coming back for more.
  1.    Have a Plan

Just like you need a business plan, a digital marketing plan is also essential. Plan what types of ads you’ll use and how often. Also, plan your content – figure out what you will post when, and follow a schedule for consistency. This ensures reaching more of your target audience on a regular basis.

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