3 Ways to Humanize your Business

Are you struggling to enhance your business’s persona? Tired of fishing around for self-help marketing/promotion guides, only to be disappointed by unhelpful clickbait? No need to worry, we would not reel you in under false pretenses. Ready to get started? Great! There are a few necessary steps to hook in new customers, while keeping your current shoppers satisfied.

1. Generate a Relatable Combination Mark
Before you begin drafting your logo, do not think “how do I make my logo relatable?” Instead, surmise “what professional qualities do successful brands use, and how can I employ those traits to benefit my icon? While you finalize your logo design, you will have to keep a few marketing questions in mind:

      • What concepts -ideas & symbols- would resonate with my audience?
      • What would attract shoppers to pay for my service(s)/products?
      • What colors and typography are appropriate for my business and the message I am trying to convey?

Notice anything similar between famous companies such as McDonald’s, Energizer, Geico, Kool-Aid, Michelin, or Nintendo? They all have a friendly cartoonish image, which ironically makes their brand more human. If you pay close attention, you will realize some successful companies embody an animated/adventurous character with human-like emotions; while others such as Calvin Klein, Armani, Gatorade, and Nike exemplify sophisticated typography and unique symbols that define their brand.

A professional logo is built to scale up and down, works in black and white, is clever, easy to recognize, unique, relatable and simple. Ironically, the hardest part of logo design is simplicity: taking a large idea and compacting it into a simple logo design. It is critical to think of how you want to be represented through the eyes of the consumer. Never forget that your combination mark is a reflection of your business.

2. Illustrate a Comforting Social Media Presence
Purchasing power determines the market trajectory; consumers spend money towards companies that identify with their innate interests. Posting images/videos of your employees smiling, community participation, charity/humanitarian involvement, and humor will attract customers and strike conversations among users – online and offline. Additionally, it will enable you to link with like-minded noncompetitive organizations and/or nonprofits who may recommend your services to their clients and vice versa.

Employing this method will solidify your brand’s reputability and coincide with your logo. Consistency equals stability and credibility, which are appealing attributes consumers admire. Denny’s -yes the dinner-, Oreo Cookie, Netflix US, & Pampers are great examples of companies utilizing social media to the fullest. However, outreaching to your customers entails more than just social media…

3. Reinforce Customer Support!
Reassure your customers that you are there for them 24/7! Emailing is becoming the go-to form of businesses communication with clients, but shoppers still dial sometimes, depending on your audience, a majority of them might. Providing a 24/7 customer support service without automated answering adds a personalized touch; it will cost more, however, most people prefer speaking directly with a person – especially if they have a complaint. Alleviating a portion of life’s burdens is a tremendous selling point, and customers are more likely do business with a company they are able to reach at any time to address their concerns.

Furthermore, sending personalized emails -not spam- to thank shoppers for their purchase and offering discounts on future items will energize them to take a second glance at their pocketbook. Does this process seem slightly overbearing? There is no reason to worry!

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