Is your Customer Base Shifting? Rebranding is a Must!

Are you a proud business owner who has experienced exponential growth throughout the years and now realizing your customer demographic is shifting? On the contrary, is your company witnessing a decline in sales? Regardless of which situation you are facing, change is inevitable and remaining in tune with your customer base is imperative to channel growth.

Rebranding is essential to market to an evolving audience, encourage former customers to return, and attract new shoppers. Developing a new image is difficult, but do not despair, it happens to every company, no really! Every company you have grown accustomed to throughout your life has changed their brand strategy at least once, if not multiple times. Ponder for a minute about the products/goods you use every day: beverages/food, technology, apparel, etc.

Pepsi, Apple Inc., Coca-Cola and Nike are just a few brands that have undergone rebranding to address the same issues you are facing – it happens to the best of us! Before beginning the rebranding and logo design process, there a few must-know steps to take into account…

1. Company Policy
A world that is weathering through a political, technological, and social whirl, causes streams of companies to spiral their customer and employee management standards. You want to avoid your brand from drifting because of an outdated image; emitting an ethical public image is the initial step in shoring your brand’s standing and transition.

Questions to Ask
Deciding your new logo’s appearance and tactical strategy will not be an easy task, with several factors to keep in mind:

I. What is my end-goal? Before committing to an idea, it has to be fully realized; what is your objective? Obviously it is to cater to your audience, but for what purpose(s)?
i. Increase revenue and productivity
ii. Capitalize your industry as a leading brand
iii. Trigger conversations to stay or become relevant

II. How do I relate to my audience?
i. What would they like to see?
ii. Will my new logo alienate my audience?
iii. Are my clients’ aesthetic interests shifting with the times?

III. How should I market my new brand? Which outlet will reach the most customers and/or potential shoppers?
i. Radio
ii. Billboards
iii. Television
iv. Pamphlets / flyers
v. Social media / Internet / Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
vi. Newspaper / magazine publications
vii. Email Marketing

2. Taking a Step Back
Solving these questions with precise solutions will determine your brand’s prosperity. You want to avoid repelling your audience at all costs. Did you notice a similar trend with all of the major companies I previously mentioned? Their updated logo and branding is still recognizable! Customers are not scratching their heads, they know it is still the same product. Yeah, Pepsi has undergone several revisions, but it has been incremental – throughout the course of over a century. Remember, do not contemplate “what should I add?” Brainstorm “what should I adjust?” If you are unsure what would work, there is no shame in using a brand strategist and or design firm to help.

3. Ask!
Decades ago, it would have been nearly impossible to receive an accurate and immediate response from customers, due to technological disadvantages. However, the Internet allows more connectivity than ever before! Inquire on your company’s website and social media pages through polling – multiple choice answers are typically included. Politicians use pollsters to gain perspective for their voters’ concerns. Why should it be any different for you? You could also apply this method to not just your logo, but for other inquires, such as:

• Is our customer service satisfactory?
• How would you like to see our products / services improve?
• Any previous features, products, or services you would like us to bring back?

Continually sustaining an inviting appearance will create a caring and authentic image, which will make your customers feel important! Remember, your customers always come first. Now go out there and remind them why they should spend their time and money for your brand.

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